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Real Estate’s Present & Future, Part 2—the Residential Market


Real Estate’s Present & Future, Part 2—the Residential Market

Monday, September 25, 2023
Presented by  Rick BrinkCem InalMichael Canter and Jess Dvorak

Real estate is the original asset: a distinct combination of investment potential and utility for businesses and households. That’s why the COVID-19 pandemic, and its impact on inflation and interest rates, had remarkable effects on the market. Home prices soared, hotels and shopping malls emptied, and office buildings faced a cloudy future.

As the economy and markets adapt to a reshaped landscape, how should investors approach the commercial real estate arena?


Topics Covered

  1. The Current State in a Post-COVID World: household formation, how growth may (or may not) affect defaults, and the role of policy changes in the post-GFC era.

  2. Investment Implications of the Road Ahead: the widespread existing and developing opportunities in residential real estate.

  3. The Future of Residential Real Estate: What will the road look like beyond the nearer-term horizon? How many homes will be needed, and what will they look like? What’s the future of the American Dream—can it still be bought or only rented?


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Real Estate's Present and Future: The Residential Market

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